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Save Camp Gustin

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It is a sad familiar story in Scouting I am finding. Council finds itself in financial trouble and the solution is to sell a camp.


Camp Gustin is a 100 acre primitive wilderness camp in Sabattuss Maine with shore front access to a descent sized pond.


Given to Pine Tree Council in 1948 without deed restrictions other than naming rights from the benefactor that any camp shall be named Gustin.


A group of us desire to forma non profit land trust to raise money to buy camp gustin and preserve it for scout use.


We will raise the money ourselves via direct donations and fundraising.


I am not coming here at this point to ask for any donations.


I ask if you could give me a little time.


Could you visit our facebook page and perhaps join it and give a 1 paragraph post.




If you would be willing to do a little more that would be great too.


f you would wish to help our cause further please consider a brief email to our Council executives urging them to sell Camp Gustin to the Scouts and Scouters.


If we get agreement form them we will form a 501c3 non profit to raise funds and to hold this property for Boy and Girl Scout use as long as the United States may stand. Further we would open up the use of the property to any group who wishes to rent use of the property in an as available basis. The land would be deed restricted to strip all development rights from it, and stipulate that it can never be sold but may be donated to another non profit organization with stipulations it must be made available for the use of the Youth of Androscoggin county.


A brief letter to Mr Tony Rogers, Pine Tree Councils Chief executive with copies sent to Bryan Thomas also of Pine Tree Council and to BSA National Headquarters asking them to carefully consider selling to the scouters of Androscoggin county would be most appreciated. If you do so, would you please send a copy to Ed our district Chair who is spearheading the effort to buy Camp Gustin.


A copy to me would also be appreciated too at refent01@yahoo.com.


Mr. Tony Rogers


Scout Executive


Pine Tree Council, BSA


131 Johnson Rd.


Portland , Me. 04102


e-mail: arogers@bsamail.org




COPY TO: Bryan Thomas


Assistant Scout Executive


Pine Tree Council, BSA


131 Johnson Rd


Portland , Me. 04102




e-mail: bthomas@bsamail.org






COPY TO: National Council


Boy Scouts of America


Post Office Box 152079


Irving , TX 75015-2079




: Ed Desgrosseilliers

AbnakiDistrict Committee Chair


c/o 121 Hatch Rd


Auburn , Maine 04210 -8961




e-mail: esd@roadrunner.com



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