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My son and I had a chance to make a short visit to the Chicago Area Councils Owasippe Scout Camp yesterday. Folks were nice and it seems like a nice facility. They have two summer camps. One is a cook your own meals camp and the other is a dining hall facility.


Has anyone attended Owasippe? How was your experience?



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Took our troop to Blackhawk (dining hall) at Owasippe in the late 80's. We had a great experience. Long time ago, but they had the best staff I think I've ever found in a Scout camp.

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yes, Owasippe is alive and well. There is still some outstanding legal stuff about zoning (no longer for sale)but we are cooling forward to a 2011 100th aniversary celebration for the camp. I am on the camping committee and heard nothing but good things about the 2009 season. Lots of defered maintenance has been done but there is lots more to do. There is accutally a total of 5 operating camps:

Camp Blackhawk Dining Hall, Camp Wolverine Hot Pack food served in site, Camp Carlen used for Webelos camp, wood badge and NYLT, Hiawatha Beach for Lone troop camping, and Reneker for family camping. The camp is currently at 4800 acres. This summer I saw the SE 3 times while I was there for a week and he was encouraging council board members to visit the camp. The former board president had crews from his company doing electical work at the camp to keep them working (no charge to the camp) They even fixed the lights on the the flag poles!!


www.chicagobsa.org come visit us this summer!

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