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Summer Camp Countdown

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So over the weekend I dropped my son off at Camp Lefeber in northern Wisconsin for his summer job as a counselor. This is also where our troop has been attending summer camp for 10 plus years. Being up there makes me anxious for our troop's week at camp.


Today, it is 25 days and counting.....

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On Saturday I have to drive my son to our scout camp where he will be working as a Lifeguard this summer.


It's a 4 hour drive each way with the last 20 miles or so on a dirt road that goes back into the Adirondack Mountains.


His last final exam is today and he's looking foward to the summer.

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I get to go to H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation in Osceola Missouri in 23 days. I went there as a boy for 5 summers. This is my oldest boys 4th year and my middle sons 1st. I still have a 5 year old to look forward down the road.


It is really hot here now. Today it is 96 with an index well over 100. I am praying for some relief by the time I get to go or it will be a long 10 days.


Good luck everyone on their stays.



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mbrown- 5th session @ Bartle? Which camp/campsite?


I have two sons at Bartle for the summer. Middle son (19) is on his fifth staff year, youngest son (18) is on his second staff year.


I count down the days until they come home!

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I forget you northern folks are just getting out of school and starting summer camp. Next week is the last week in our council, but even the councils around that have 6 weeks are through by mid-July.


We think we try to finish before the heat of July and August, but this year we sure got fooled. Today is the first in six that temp has been below 100. Sunday when kids were checking in, temp was 101 and heat index was 110. Medical staff was sure busy watching out for heat stress.

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They both work in Sawmill. Middle son is working the dining hall (fourth year out of five). Youngest son is at Turkey Wing (Outpost), his second year there. He is the one with the throwing hawks.


I still think of PA as "Frontier."

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We did the turkey wing club in Sawmill last year. I believed they served us a taco salad. That is a good outpost. There are some really good outpost at Bartle. Our boys love the Shotgun shooting one and the up and down cave. We are looking forward to supper with snakes this year.


I stayed in Sawmill every year when I was boy. Never saw Frontier but after staying there I think it is a wonderful camp. Really spread out. The only bad thing is the transportation to lake front and the point.


We meet at the Blue Ridge United Methodist Church at 51st and Blue Ridge. Most of our boys go to Raytown Schools. I actually live in Blue Springs to drive a little bit to participate with this troop. I grew up in Raytown and really like the people in this troop.


Where is your troop located?



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Leaving tomorrow for 10 days at the beautiful H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation. Usually very hot this time of year in Missouri but wait, check out this extended forcast. I am doing back flips.




I have really been lucky the last 2 years in regards to the weather and this one could be the best ever. Can't wait now. It is my middle son's first year and he is a little nervous. This will be the forth year for my oldest son and anyone familiar with Mic O Say knows he will have a great time.


I will talk to everyone in 10 days and look forward to catching up on the blog.


Be Cool!


pun intended.

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It is that time again and I am starting to get excited. 7 weeks from today I get to go to H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation in Oceola, Missouri with two of my boys. This will be my oldest boys 5th year and I feel maybe his last even though he says no way. This will be my middle son's 2nd year. My youngest is only 6 so I have some time before he gets to come along.


This is a big year for my oldest son at camp. I am so fortunate to be able to attend camp each summer and watch my boys grow up. It is an amazing difference between thier 1st years and every year after.


I just hope we get the nice weather like we got last year.


Everyone have fun at camp this summer!

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Summer 2010




Frantically pack and repack frantically.




Week 1 - Summer Camp, Camp Freeland Leslie, Oxford, WI

Week 2 - Home to do laundry and repack

Week 3 - National Jamboree

Week 4 - National Jamboree


August 2010


Rest up!


Summer's over!




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