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Best Summer Camp in Pennsylvania

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Hi Everybody,


1) In your opinion which is the best BSA summer camp in Pennsylvania?


2) Why would you drive hundred of miles to attend this Pennsylvania summer camp?


Thanks in Advance,



T614 Advancement Ch

Cincinnati, Ohio

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If you don't find what your looking for in Pennsylvania, you might look in a different direction. Camp Ransburg (Bloomington IN)was a great place when I was a boy and seem to have gotten better. Probably not much more than 2 hours from you, depending on what side of Cinci you're coming from.

Check out http://www.ransburgbsa.org


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I'm with Goldwinger, Heritage has got to be one of the best that I have been to in Pa. It offers two totally seperate camps, Freedom and Liberty. One has a mess hall and the other is troop commissary. I have been there twice and stayed both times at Liberty which is commissary. Very good staff too.

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OK I know I'm biased!!

But Camp Conestoga is a nice little camp.

A good camp for younger Scouts.

The Staff are wonderful and very good looking!! (Well some were in their day!)

OJ worked on Staff for 3 years and this is the camp that I staffed when I came over as an International Camp Counselor.

This is where I met Her Who Must Be Obeyed. She was so taken with my very sexy knees that I took her breath away.

So if you are young, good looking and have sexy knees? Be afraid, e very afraid -Look at the trouble I got myself in!!


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I'll agree with Scoutmaster52 (though you can tell from my username that I'm very locally biased!) about Goose Pond Scout Reservation. It's a 520+ acre camp (founded in 1920) in northeastern Pennsylvania and has an old-style camp feel to it. The camp staff is really dedicated and the program is definitely good for both older and younger scouts. The Pathways program for new Scouts is terrific -- it brings together troop Scout leaders and new Scouts. The non-merit-badge program has a "Swamp Romp," a Thursday evening "Adventure Race," and many patrol-based activities.


If you're into Scouting history, there's a post in its dining hall that was signed by Green Bar Bill in 1992 at the last Wood Badge course he ever attended in the US. The 1923 building itself is pretty colorful with 900+ plaques from troops all over the eastern US starting in 1951.


Although the camp is old, they're not averse to 21st century technology: they have online merit badge class registration, which should come in handy for an out-of-town unit like yours.


Here's the camp's council's website if you're interested in learning more about the camp: http://www.nepabsa.org

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This year (summer of 2008), we went to Camp Bashore (www.campbashore.org), which we all liked alot, so are going back in 2009. The food was good and abundant, merit badge classes and program areas good, and the camp layout was nice. I especially liked the focus on Patrols - our campsite is arranged into Patrol tent areas and the camp-wide games were set up for Patrols to work together. We ate in the dining hall, but the Troop next to us did Patrol cooking and said it was set up well and they really liked it. It's about 25 miles NE of Harrisburg, PA.

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Our troop has been to eight S.R.'s for summer camp in PA and there is only one that both the scouts and scouters deemed the best.

Camp Tuckahoe in the York Adams Council. The scouts loved the program and the camp staff. The staff was very helpful and made the boys feel a part of the camp. They promoted the patrol system during the week. On the scouter side of it, the camp leadership and program was extremely organized. As a SM we know how much that helps plus many organized adult activities. Camp is close to Gettysburg a for day trip and the Appalachian Trial parallels camp for day hikes.

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