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Camp McKee, Kentucky - Your Input

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Our Troop is from Indiana, and we are currently researching our summer camp options for 2009. After compiling a list of several camps, Camp McKee (Bluegrass Council, Lexington, KY) seems to be of interest to most Troop members. We are basing this on their website only though, at this point.


Has anyone attended camp there before? Would you care to share your experience, either in-council or out-of-council units?


We have attended our Council's camp for 25 out of the last 26 years, and the boys and adults would like to try something different for next year.



Darren Norrington




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Check the Summer Camp forum on this board and search for reports on Camp McKee. I'm pretty sure that robvio has been to camp McKee recently with his troop. You may want to send him a personal message to get his first-hand report.


Good luck!

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Our Troop is in Southern Ind. and we went to McKee in 06 and 08. Both trips went really great. Its not too big of Camp, but to me its well worth it. Dining hall is huge and air conditioned. Food was, well it was pretty good to say the least. Waterfront is well run and well kept. Camp sites are clean and weed free. Trading post is well stocked except on last week of Camp. Merit badge counselors were pretty good as well. They talked about long range plans for the Camp and the way they talked, it will be a premier Camp in the future.

Another good Camp we went to is BuckToms in Tenn. Its on the Tenn River.


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