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Our troop is looking for a different summer camp for 2009. Can anyone give me some feedback on their experiences at the following camps:


- Raven Knob Scout Reservation (Mt Airy, NC)

- Broad Creek Scout Reservation (Camp Spencer, Whiteford, MD)

- Camp Minsi (Poconos, PA)

- Camp Bonner (Blounts Creek, NC)




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Can't tell you anything about Spencer, but we went to Safferan last year and it was cool.

Good food, lot's of activities, a special program for 14+ called Lost Pine Patrol. (it is a special higher adventure program in association with Camp Spencer). Broad Creek Scout Camp is comprised of three camps, Camp Safferan, Camp Spencer and Camp Oest.


Camp Oest is set up for Cub Scouts, while both Safferan and Spencer is for Boy Scouts.


My troop is going to Spencer in May for a weekend canmpout.

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