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Quality of the Programs at Bayport S.R.

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Can anyone who attended summer camp at Bayport S.R. in Virginia provide some feedback on the quality of the merit badge programs and the first year scout programs? Our troop is looking for a new camp to go to in 2009 and our most important things that the merit badges are not 'given away' with little work and the first year should be very hands on.

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This is my home council camp and I just got back from Week 1 on Saturday. This was our second year at the camp and I know most of the staff, but to answer your question...I was impressed with the MB instructors that my boys had for various MB's as they were thorough and just did not accept "I did that in school!" as a verification for requirements (as sometimes happens). They held to requirements pretty well from what I could see and expected high standards of work.


Our Nighthawk program leader is really good! She had something like 140 boys in the program last week and they had a great time! The 2009 leaders guide will be available in the not too distant future.


The camp is still in the formation stages though and may be experimenting with different programs along the way, but they do offer the CHASE program which takes scouts out for real sailing and we have a nice COPE/Climbing program too for older boys. There are also some good waterfront programs but they are very restricted in numbers so a very early registration in those programs is suggested!


Sue M.

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I am considering Bayport for my troop in 2010. This year we are attending Brady Saunders,which also has a good merit badge program,and Trailblazers for new scouts. In 2008,my first time there, I had 100% troop participation.(A troop first!)Of 42 merit badges signed up for, they had 39 completions.and the older scouts enjoyed the James River Adventure,a 50 miler canoe excursion.The scouts overwhelmly voted to return again this year.On the other plus side, the adults liked the close proximity,due to economic and fuel concerns.For my troop, it is about a third of distance to Goshen, our council camp. This is also true with Bayport.

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