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"old"scout camp

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My first year in Boyscouts was 1984 in the Mason-Dixon council.

We went to a scout camp that had 3 totem poles at the entrance and had the

trading post connected to the crafts area.

I was thinking that this was Sinniqupie in PA.,but this past summer we went and it wasnt it. Does anyone know the name of a BSA summer camp in the MD-PA area that fits the bill?

I was just currious.



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While i was there this summer, I asked the camp director about the trading post and he told me that the one they have now is the original.I am sure that it isnt the same camp I went to my first year

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Two other camps in the south-central PA area are Hidden Valley Scout Reservation, Loysville (Perry Co - Keystone Area Council) and Camp Tuckahoe, Dillsburg (York-Adams Area Council). We go to HVSR in the winter, and it dates back to the 20s-30s, I think.

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