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Looking for Info about Bayport Scout Reservation in Virginia

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My troop went to Bayport for Week 5. Overall impression was positive, due mostly to brand new facilities. Foodservice is contracted and was the best I've seen for quality and quantity. Private showers and toilets in campsites was a bonus! There is a Leader's lounge with Sat TV and WiFi, but the one time I stuck my head in there, it was full of youth staff members soaking up the A/C after lunch. The only glitches we noticed were at the rifle range (scouts only got 3 shots per one hour session...no opportunity to practice), but hopefully that will be ironed out. Mine came back with all partials for Rifle MB. Good emphasis on safety, however. Tents were old leftovers from Camp Chickahominy, and most in our site were mildewed and in poor condition...bring extra tarps in case of rain. Also, bring mosquito nets, although this summer was dry and they weren't too bad. Be prepared! Tents are on platforms with standard cots. The waterfront is a good hike from the main camp (uphill both ways)...our SM registered 50 miles on his pedometer by the end of the week, but that's with extra walks to meet his goal. Not for the faint of heart or out of shape! In July/August, expect 90+ high temps with high humidity and evening lows of around 75. It's in the same region as FT AP Hill. Hydrate!


Location is an easy day trip to Jamestown, Williamsburg and Yorktown, so you might want to plan an extra day or two. If your SPL wants my SPL's opinions, shoot me a PM and I'll hook them up.

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