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2008 Camp Planning

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I can think of a bunch of reasons.

It allows units "first dibs" on their site for next year.


The sooner units sign up the sooner the camp can start planning for opening new or closing old sites.


And maybe most of all, it keeps units from getting lost. Even if the SM changes, chances are if the old SM signed the troop up the new SM will get the scouts to camp next year.


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Simply put, call the Council which operates the camp.


My Council does Camp Draw in late October each year. It's a lottery based on unit size.


BTW, I'd also get to the PLC in short order and have them make a 1-2-3 list of camps they want to go to next year. LT Camp is a program decision of the first order, it rightly belongs to the youth, guided by the SM.

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Many camps are posting their 2008 dates now, though some don't take reservations for a while yet. It can't hurt to be thinking about it early on though. As for our troop, we've already chosen a camp and dates for next summer.

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