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Slippery Falls Review

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Linda J provided a little insight into Slippery Falls Scout Ranch. Our troop is heading there this summer. Anything feedback or advice to make it a fun week would greatly be appreciated. Linda J indicated that the food was good except for the meatloaf. How about mosquitoes ... any or bad? Temperature range? etc. Many thanks in advance.



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One thing that impressed me was the daily newsletter. It is handed out at the leaders meeting each morning. This is also when you get your coupons for ice so make sure all your leaders go. You each get a coupon. Plus check in was really easy. We did our swim test at the Y here and took the paper work with us. One thing be sure to send someone to the orientation meeting before camp.


Badge program was really wonderful. We went the 3rd week of June and the heat wasn't bad at night. Didn't have any mosquitoes. Did have copperheads and poision ivy. Lake water is COLD.

Our boys want to go back in a year of two. Kevin is thinking about taking their CIT program and working there in a couple of summers.

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