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SCUBA programs in NE

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We're looking at SCUBA programs for our super-activity for next year.

I've looked at the Pamlico Seabase and the BRSR.

Both look like excellent programs but are a 10+ hour drive from CNY.


Does anyone know of any other summer camps in the NE (NY) that have SCUBA (PADI certified)


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A few years ago, Baiting Hollow Scout Camp on Long Island ran a SCUBA program as a Specialty Camp within the framework of the summer camp program. It was subsequently discontinued due to lack of interest. However, the Camp Director may run the program for you if you have enough Scouts interested in it. BHSC has a lake and access to the Long Island Sound for open water dives.


"The best camp we've been to in 6 or 7 years!" was the comment of a very experienced Scouter who brought his out of council troop to BHSC this year. Its a good operation, you're boys will definitely have a great time there.


I will PM you the Camp Directors email address. Here is the link to their website http://www.baitinghollowscoutcamp.org/


Good Luck.

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We found a Scuba instructor through the YMCA.

The course is 11 Tuesdays at CALU and two dives at Storm Lake. He is charging $20.00 a session.

It's a great winter time activity. The Lake never gets cold as it's a cooling pond for the 1,600-megawatt Mt. Storm Power Station.

I called Pamlico Seabase about a month ago and they seemed to think that they would not be offering the Scuba course next summer.


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I am very envious of the support scouting gets in your community

After reading about what you can rent a Van for and this.

It seems that you have people in the community that go out of their way to support the BSA.


The private SCUBA shops here have a discount rate for Scouts, about $20 less than the regular rate and after having to buy mask, fins and boots and having to rent a suit for the open water dive, its still close to $500 to become certified.

It costs even more to go through the local Y.


At one time the local University offered this for about half of the cost but this year the new chancellor banned the Scouts from its campus.


We are still looking into ideas for a trip next summer. Ill have to get in touch with Pamilco if SCUBA is what the ship really wants to do but I dod contact the BRSR and that maybe the way to go.


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