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Pennsylvania / Maryland Camp Reviews

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Can anyone provide first-hand review for any of the following Boy Scout camps:

Camp Sinoquipe (MD)

Camp Tuckahoe (PA)

Heritage Scout Reservation (PA)

Seven Mountains (PA)

Camp Minsi (PA)

Resica Falls (PA)


I've been to all the websites and the programs all look good. Specifcally, I am most interested in what you thought of:


Enthusiam of staff


Quality of programs for older scouts


Thoroughness and quality of teaching of merit badges (do they follow the letter of the merit badge requirements and teach them in a way that isn't "boring?)


Portions and quality of food


Quality of the "waterfront" be it pool or lake.


Thank you in advance,



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Did you leave out Horseshoe, Ware and Okinikon (sp) because you know about them already? All three are in Pennsylvania, well Horseshoe actually slides into Maryland if you use the pool. Okinikon is almost into NJ, but the food in the dining hall is great, and it's air conditioned, they also have a pretty good science program. The rifle range is a hike. They do some different MB's like Horsemanship.

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I left out Ockanickon because my son went there with another troop. He really liked it, but I think the price is going to eliminate it from the search for his current troop. The families in our new city used to paying $200.00-$240.00 a week for camp.


I don't know about the other two. I'm sure there are a lot of camps in PA. The ones I listed were just ones that I have already researched as to price & program and that were within a reasonable driving distance from us. (South central PA) But I'd be happy to hear about those ones you mentioned as well.(This message has been edited by CubScoutJo)(This message has been edited by CubScoutJo)

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Well first off, Ockanickon is sort of over rated but thats just my opinion. Sinoquipe is in PA not MD and i only remember it because of my 1st year expereince there. I honestly cant reccomend it. The walk from your tents to program is far to long, but since i never was able to pick badges there i cant really say much.


If your looking into MD i would say Camp Henson would be a nice selection.

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they still have openings!!

Anyway they did when I talked to them last week.

It seems that there will be a full page color ad in the next Scouting Magazine.

Now that the food is better Camp Conestoga is a nice camp.

Cozy and friendly.

It is also the reason I'm here!!

It's where I met Her Who Must Be Obeyed.

I was on staff back in 1977 and OJ is following in my footsteps -Boy I'd better check and see if there are any females up there!!

While he is a good looking kid, he doesn't have my sexy knees!! Or the accent!

The program for older Scouts is mainly activities off site in the Laurel Hill Mountains.

Seven Springs does a good Sunday brunch and the Laurel Mountain Inn serves a very good prime rib.

There was at one time a video that the camp made to send out for promotions. It might be a little dated now as it was five or six years back.

By the way SemperParatus, the price tag was a little more than we wanted to pay for the week long sailing. We can use the Sea Scout Training Vessel (SSTV) "der PeLiKan", a 46 ft. Morgan Ketch for a donation of $100.00 a day!!


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Hey Jo,


Saw your post and thought that i would do a review on Resica Falls Scout Reservation for you. It might be bias because i am the lake director but I am very truthful and have been in the same position as you looking for camps for my troop. When we came to Resica i fell in love with it and went back on staff for 5 weeks in 05 and a full summer this year. I hope this helps and if you have any questions my email is clunden@grangerclassic.com... feel free to email me


Enthusiam of staff - Very high. This past summer we ran a great program for over 500 scouts one week. Our staff works really well together and makes the week something to remember


Quality of programs for older scouts - We offer Cope. Also climbing by the water falls. Also there is fawn run a program where they hike around the property and do different activities like black powder shooting, boating, knife and ax throwing, and so much more. We also offer Boot and Paddle which is a hike on the NJ section of the appilation trail and then a canoe trek to Treasure Island our sister camp down river


Thoroughness and quality of teaching of merit badges (do they follow the letter of the merit badge requirements and teach them in a way that isn't "boring?)... Based on our reviews and what kids were saying, no merit badges are boring. All of our directors spent a ton of time preparing plans that incorporate fun into each class session so that the kids feel like they are doing something not sitting in a class. I know at the lake i do 30 -45 min of class and then an activity like sink the dock, swim, or something the kids want to do.


Portions and quality of food. This years food was 110% better then last year. We had big portions and always had food left on the table. The selection of food and cooks were also very easy to get along with and cooked seperate food for vegetarians, etc.


Quality of the "waterfront" be it pool or lake.


Lake- We offered a stunning program this year and the program will be even better next year. The reviews from new and old troops said it was an awesome program we ran and all the kids had a great time. We offer canoeing, rowing, sailing and fishing. Next year i hope to put Kayaking BSA in the program.


Pool - Brand New pool with waterslide(always a hit). We offer Swimming, Lifesaving, BSA Guard. In the afternoon there are free swims which the slide will be in use as well as polar bear. On tuesday nights we run a pool carnival that will have activities based around the theme of the summer. Next year will be pirate theme so the games will be great.


Hope all of that helped



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