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A tale of two Merit Badges

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This is a true story. The names have been changes to protect the innocent.


Just returned from a week at Tesomas Scout Reservation near Rhinelander WI. I was very impressed with the quality of the Camp, its staff and program, and would heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a good camp in the upper midwest.


Anyway, the SM of the Troop asked me to keep tabs on all the Scoutcraft MBs. We had two Scouts taking Fishing MB at the same time (9am in the morning). I asked them separately on Wednesday night how things were going.


They are both in thier second year of summer camp. The first Scout can be described as rather difficult to deal with, espcially when camping. He is constantly loosing things, does not stay with a buddy when going around camp despite several admonishments, and always has an excuse why the things that go wrong are not his fault. The second Scout was typically naive for a 1st year Scout last year at summer camp, but has matured quit a bit in the last year.


Anyway, here is how my exchange went with both Scouts.


Scout 1


Me: How is Fishing MB going?


Scout 1: Not so good.


Me: Do you think you're going to finish the MB?


Scout 1: Probably not.


Me: Really, have you caught a fish yet?


Scout 1: No.


Me: That's to bad. Do you think you're going to finish.


Scout 1: (Paraphrasing) Not really. There are some logs around the fishing area, and the fish don't come near there. I also lost my best lure today. (There was more, but you get the idea).


Me: Alright, well keep working with Scout 2 to finish.


Scout 2


Me: How's Fishing MB going.


Scout 2: Great!


Me: Do you think you're going to finish it?


Scout 2: Yup!


Me: Have you caught a fish yet?


Scout 2: (A little sad) No...


Me: Do you think you're going to?


Scout 2: Yup!



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When did two of my scouts transfer to your troop?


Know this story all too well.

Have one boy in our troop that just finished Drivers Ed. I ask him about Traffic Safety merit badge. His comment was I don't need it. Another boy also finished DE has already filled out the paper work and all I have to do is go over it with him and sign off. Any boy taking drivers ed is doing the badge. It is simply a matter of doing the paper work

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