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new fresh material - camp skits.

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Scout acting or better yet dressed as a duck goes into a Sheetz type store (convenience, gas type store!!

Lots of quacking and duck type noise's along with a silly walk.

Sales person very politely asks:

"Can I help you?"

Duck replies "I'd like a pound of grapes please."

Sales person: "I'm sorry this is Sheetz we don't sell grapes."

Duck waddles out making lots of quacks and duck sounds.

Duck returns -Lots of sounds and the silly walk.

Sales person very politely asks:

"Can I help you?"

Duck replies "I'd like a pound of grapes please."

Sales person: "I'm sorry this is Sheetz we don't sell grapes."

Duck waddles out making lots of quacks and duck sounds.

Do this two or three more times.

Each time the sales person is getting more and more annoyed!

Duck returns asking for a pound of grapes.

Sales person has lost it!! He is really upset he looks at the duck and says:

"What is the matter with you? Every day you come in here asking for a pound of grapes!! Everyday you come back asking for grapes, we don't sell grapes, we have never sold grapes, we never will sell grapes. If you ever come back in here and ask for a pound of grapes I'm going to nail those big Webbed feet of your's to the floor!!

Duck leaves.

Duck returns before he can say a word the sales person starts:

"No not you again!! I told you yesterday we don't sell grapes, we never have sold grapes, but everyday you come in asking for grapes.

The Duck looks at him and says

"Can I have a pound of nails please?"


A lot of over acting on the part of the Duck really helps.


(Your Turn)

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two parter:

first part -- patrol or den sings "Dinah Won't you Blow"

waits one skit or song then does part two

second part -- patrol or den set up as family called in to be there for the last minutes of "grandpa's" life. (Around bed, dressed in black, crying softly) Grandpa "I have to tell you something."

family responds things like "Don't waste your strenght", "Just rest" things like that but grandpa is insistent and finally with difficulty "I must . . . tell . . . you that it . . . was me. I . . . I . . . (drag on and over act) I" (family leans in waiting) "I . . .

I was in the kitchen with Dinah!" and grandpa collapses back on the bed family groans or however you want to end.


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A little dated, but it just needs to be updated


Whats the Name of this CD?


Scout 1: Hey Walter (or other name), how are you doing?


Scout 2: Fine, You know I really like the outdoors, but I miss being in touch with music


Scout 1: Yeah, I know what you mean, but the guys in my troop try to find things related to music all around us


Scout 2: How do you do that?


Scout 1: Well, its like at the trading post, whatever the total I always give them 5 cents more than the total so I can get a NICKELBACK


Scout 2: Whoa NELLY, thats pretty good !


Scout 1: And if your in a hurry Whats that?


Scout 2: Oh easy, RUSH,


Scout 1: I heard a kid in one of the troops is really homesick, he woke up last night screaming


Scout 2: Yeah, he doesnt think anybody likes him and feels like an OUTKAST


Scout 1: You know what we call the glow of the fire after the flames die down?




Scout 1: When the sun rises they say day breaks


Scout 2: And when the sun sets, THE DARKNESS falls


Scout 1: Sure are a lot of bugs around here, do you have any repellent?


Scout 2: Sure I do, its 12 percent deet, they call it D-12, repells anything


Scout 1: Hey you kids in the front row, quit talking and behave like scouts


Scout 2: Yeah, do we have to call for an USHER to throw you out?


Scout 1: Can you believe the menu? BLACK EYED PEAS three days in a row


Scout 2: Yeah, thats not right, thats stupid, its outrageous, its LUDICRIS! Did you see those dumplings they made? They looked more like a LIMP BIZKIT than

anything else


Scout 1: Did you hear the Miami Heat starters all went sailing this month? They got in some bad weather though and went through a series of storms


Scout 2: Ok, that explains the Head line, Hurricaines MAROON 5


Scout 1: By the way, what happened to your shirt? Its awful dirty, did you get in a mud fight?


Scout 2: Oh,no it got STAIND in a PUDDLE OF MUD while I as running through LINKIN PARK it was feeding time at the zoo and I wanted to see the GORRILLAZ eat


Scout 1: I am not sure about my scoutmaster


Scout 2: Hows That


Scout 1: I got a bug in my eye and it hurt, he said I should just flush it out with my own tears


Scout 2: You mean he wanted you to cry?


Scout 1: No, not cry, but open and close my eyes real fast


Scout 2: Oh I see, he wanted you to BLINK 182 times a minutes


Scout 1: What do you call your neighbor next to the guy two houses from you,


Scout 2: Thats, easy, he is THREE DOORS DOWN


Scout 3: Hey what are you guys talking about?


Scout 2: Walter here is telling me how to keep music in mind by using musical group names in general conversation


Scout 3: Oh no, not U-2 !!!


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