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I agree with some of Gags advice, but not all of it. A SM conference with each scout to provide honest feedback and set some goals for how they can demonstrate scout spirit is appropriate, and I think what is called for. I would discourge, however, passing the responsibility to the BOR to let them be the "bad guys". I see a few of problems with this:

1) it sends the message to the scouts that the SM thinks the behaviour was appropriate (or that he/she has low expectations).

2) an honest, open, caring relationship cannot develop between the SM and the scout if honest, caring expectations are not communicated. Such a relationship tends to foster more desire in scouts to want to meet the SM expectations.

3) if those serving on the BOR don't want to be seen as "bad guys", they may approve the advancement - afer all, the SM signed off on scout spirit, so it is OK with him/her.


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Thanks for all the advice...


What we (SM, our charter organization leader (Branch President - LDS Church), and myself have decided to do is to handle this at the SM conferences. If the boys in question decide to continue in the program and show scout spirit, the SM will recommend advancement.


Again, thanks for all the advice.

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