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mile swim - application?

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We have our COH coming up, and will be presenting a few extra aquatics awards from summer camp -

BSA Mile Swim

BSA Snorkeling

BSA Scuba


The Mile Swim folks already have their card.

The Snorkeling folks already have their card.

The Scuba folks have a paper form.


So - for consistency, to get their cards and patches, I went looking for the application forms for all three....

I could not find an application form for the Mile Swim, only the other 2 awards.


Is there an application form for Mile Swim ?

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Was at the scout store today,

and I guess with all the structured scouting forms, these are just messed up a little -


Mile Swim - no app, have card & patch

Snorkeling - app, card, patch

Scuba - app, no card, but have patch


So -

for Mile Swim - present card, get patch


Also - since nothing is available to hand in, they suggested adding the names to the advancement form...


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