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Going to Day camp any ideas to keep busy

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Anyone know of any good songs to keep the boys occupied on the bus we have a 1 hour trip each way for 5 days. And what about waiting there turn when others are do activities like BB, Bow or other functions.


Thanks this is my first time at day camp.

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Alice the Camel...


The Song that Never Ends


Up in the Air, Junior Cubman


Itsy-bitsy-teenyweenie-little green Froggy




I spy...


Alphabet licenses


Alphabet number combinations


And depending on how wound up the kids are on the way home, there's always the option of .... let them fall asleep.


Have fun!!!



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I would suggest something quiet so the Range Masters can still be heard at the Shooting sports stations. We handed out journals from our Daycamp and the boys wrote in them while at the shooting sports.

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