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Next Year's Summer Camp

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Our Troop is interested in going outside of our home Council next year for Summer Camp. I am looking for recomendations and information regarding Camps in our area. We are located 60 miles Southwest of Chicago, IL. We probably will not be able to travel very far, but would be interested in Camps within 5 to 6 hours away.


Any suggestions?




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My son just got back from a week at 3 Fires Council, Camp Freeland Leslie. The boys really like the camp. It has a First Class Trail, COPE Course & High Adventure. It is up by the Wisconsin Dells, not far from Devil's Lake SP. Part of the camp's High Adventure program is climbing & rappelling at Devil's Lake & canoeing in the Dells. The Troop took 1 day off to go to Devil's Lake & hike the cliffs.


You might also consider Chicago Council's Owasippe. It might be a bit longer of a trip as it is northwest of Grand Rapids, outside of Whitehall, MI, but it is a historic camp that will not be there for very long.


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Although it's probably about an hour outside your limits, we attend Lefeber Northwoods Camps in Laona, Wisconsin, about 325 miles north of Chicago. Camp is run by the Milwaukee County Council, who does an outstanding job. Great facilities, great staff, great program.

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