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Cub scout Day camp: poll

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I am doing an unofficial poll of different councils day camp...

How long? - 3 days for ours 9am to 3pm

How much? - $30 if you reg. early/$40 for late fee (no t-shirt for late reg.)

What act.? - swimming, BBs, archery, crafts, games

Lunch provided? - no (don't like it but oh well)


Just wondering about what everyone else does, good ideas, bad ideas, new ideas, etc.



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How long? - 4 days 8:00 flag raising- 3:30 closing

How much? - $35/early -- $50/late no gurantee of shirt for

late registrations

What act.? - depends if you are a cub or Webelos

Cubs had crafts, bb, archery, boating, fishing,

nature walk, games, and elective (which I thing was

knot tying this year)

Webelos had Craftsman, Readyman, Engineer, bb's archery,

nature (we worked on some requirements for Outdoorsman,

Naturalist, and forester), crafts, swimming (worked on

Aquanaut), boating, fishing

Lunch provided? - No lunch, everyone must pack their own. But I think

is best anyway, because kids are picky and this

way they have something to eat that they like.


Ours does a VERY good job of keeping ice water at every station and provides a cup at the beginning of the week that is kept in the Patrol box until taken home on Friday. They also pass out popsicles twice a day at breaks.



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Sounds like ours were when I was involved with them.


I also hate the inability to offer a decent lunch, and if I had it to do over again, I'd find a local place to sell me boxed lunches cheap and pre-sell them as a seperate deal. (An approach I've taken with training sessions as well)

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8:30 - 3:00


Can't speak for Webelos, but the other scouts are Elective rather than Achievement oriented - BBs, Archery, Fishing, Scoutcraft (ropes & knots mostly), nature and wildlife identification, handcrafts (leather, beads, etc.), Whittlin Chip, rock wall (horizontal), large field games, 1 day (offsite) of swimming, sand castles, etc. We end the week with inviting sibs and families to explore the camp activities from 3 - 5 then inviting them for campfire and dinner.

Bring your own lunch and canteen - there are several water sources but not specific to any activity area.





Definitely best week of Cub year!

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John D.


Are you in NE Illinois? Your description sounds exactly like Cub Scout Day Camp at Camp Oakarro.


My son would have been going to his 4th year of Day Camp next week, but unfortunatly broke his collarbone while at the Cub Scout Fun-with-Son at MaKaJaWan last weekend. Bummer.

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How long? - 5 days- 8-4 Monday to Thursday, 9-4 Friday, then a family picnic/BBQ and a campfire program, done by 8pm

How much? - $85 if you register early, $95 if you sign up later

What act.? - swimming, archery, crafts, games, nature/science, scout skills

Lunch provided? - no, but we do provide white and chocolate milk every day, as much as you want.


We do 3 weeks of camp, with weeks off between. We had 250 kids this year. On Friday we have archery competitions, this year we did a raingutter regatta, and we send our Webelos across the road to the Boy Scout camp for a tour. We spend the afternoon having a carnival, with games, a bounce house, a popcorn machine, and sno-cones. We invite all siblings to come for the Friday fun.

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We ran 4 days two with Cubbies - 2 with Webelos.

Cost was $30 for Early registration & $40 for late. T-shirts are practically guaranteed no matter how late you register.

Activities varied according to group but all had Archery , BB's, and Wrist rockets. Cubs made foam snakes on a leash and Webelos made wooden duck letter holders out of the craftsman section of the handbook. Beginning Orienteering (W) and nature hikes (both)

Lunch was not provided.

It was extremely hot so we had sprinklers and kiddie pools set up in strategic places to cool down with since we weren't near any swimmable water.

We also had a trading post set up after lunch with stuff from the scout store and various munchies

we had a total of 215 scouts and about 30 leaders plus staff(This message has been edited by shanve)

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Five day 8:30-4:30

50.00 reg 60.00 late T-shirt included

Pack you own lunch

BB gun, water slide, Fishing, Achery, Crafts, Bear Acivements and electives, Games, Beltloops (Chess and Badminton)

Pizza party on Friday

Water at every station, Day care for little tots- 5$ a day

On Monday We were the only Den Cheer our den cheers. Our kids loved it. By Friday a few dens had cheers.


we found a bee hive in one of the trees over the badminton net on Friday, weird how nobody saw it till then.

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How long? - Five days, 8:30 to 3:02


How much? - $85 with $20 discount for children of full-week volunteers. $35 for sibling program.


What act.? - BBs, archery, crafts, games, crafts, canoeing, fishing from boats), obstacle course, squirt gun wars and a variety of other theme-related activities which have in the past included, recycling, nature, map & compass, personal safety, gold panning, etc.


Lunch provided? - No, boys bring bag lunch, but a quiet lunch time activity is provided.



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How long? - Five days, 8:30 to 3:30


How much? - $55 with $25 discount for children of full-week volunteers. $75.00 late fee. Tag-A-Long Program is free for all adult volunteers.


We ran a Cub camp and a Webelos camp: Cubs had six stations: archery, crafts, games/music, field sports, first aid, and Cub outdoors. Webelos had the same minus the first aid.


Lunch provided? - NO... except on Friday we provided the lunch.


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How long? - 1 day from 4pm to 6pm

How much? - free

What act.? - round robin crafts, cooking, astronomy, rope bridge

Lunch provided? - no


This was for the Tiger Cubs so I don't know what the rest of the group paid. This was also for the District and not the Council.

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Director 4 years

5 days 3:30 to 8p.m. M-T Friday 3:30-6

Friday was always family day and with leaving at 6 the leaders could have time to get things shut down and we could get home at a reasonable time


Cost $60.00 on time $70.00 late.

We did not have an aquatics program

But had Archery, BBs and loads of other stuff

Our Webs did an overnight on Thursday night

We do not provide food of any type., Easier that way. Don't have to worry about likes and dislikes or allergies. Kids and adults bring their own food. We had ice chests to store them in.

First year I directed we had 112 kids. Set it up where the Webs were a totally different camp with their own director and program. Second year had 145 third year 179.

Sure was a lot of fun and a lot of work.



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