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Dalla area NCS favor/advice needed

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Hi all,

I need help from someone familiar with the Dallas area.

I'm going to a NCS session starting on May 21st at Camp Cherokee. To get there, I'm flying in because of time restrictions. I can arrive at the Dallas-Lovefield airport either 8pm the evening before, or noon the day of. I'm not sure who's going from my area (by car) and could pick me up and take me the rest of the way (about 100 mi), and going home shouldn't be a problem as long as anyone from my camp goes to the session (which should happen but it's still really unorganized ;-D) so I got a few questions for you Dallas dwellers :-D


--Is there anyone going to the same NCS session that lives in Dallas and wouldn't mind picking me up at the airport? if so, please personal message me. I'm not sure if I'll need it, but knowing an option at all is there would be a great comfort right now :-D


--can anyone think of another easy, extremely cheap way to get from the Lovefield airport to Camp Cherokee? (I'm thinking free is about as much as I can afford :-D)


--Does anyone know some contact info for the camp so I could call them up and ask these same questions?


any help would be most appreicated. go ahead and email me directly... *hcurtis*@*nmt*.edu (just take out the *'s) ;-D

thanks again!! :-D

-Curtis :-D



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