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Early Registration Deadlines.


I know my council requires all registrations be in by April 15 to get the early registration discount. Most other councils and camps have similar early registration discounts. Make certain you get your paperwork and money sent in on time if you haven't already missed the deadline. I would hate to think a bunch of hard earned Scouting money got eaten up on late fees because an adult was slow in filling out paperwork.



Don't forget those new Scouts!


Many Webelos will still be crossing over between now and summer camp. Don't forget to offer to include them in your summer camp experience. These new guys need summer camp as much or more than anyone so make an extra effort to convince your new Scouts and the Webelos that will be crossing over to go to camp. This may require some selling of the idea to the parents as well.



Camp Staff Positions.


Many councils still have positions available on their summer staff. This can range from high adventure bases, to Boy Scout Camp, to Cub Day Camp. If you are interested in serving on staff, contact your local council. If you know someone who would be a good staffer, make the effort to suggest it to them.



Camping Opportunities Still Available


Many camps have not yet been filled. If your unit has not yet made a commitment to go to camp this year, I would strongly encourage you to consider it. There is still time to register your unit at many camps.





Camp Roy C. Manchester, located on scenic Kentucky Lake, is operated by the Shawnee Trails Council. RCM still has openings for units interested in camping and for staff members. We intend to provide a new, improved, dynamic, and exciting program this summer. If anyone is interested in learning more about Camp Roy C. Manchester, feel free to contact me, or to contact the Shawnee Trails Council office in Owensboro, KY.

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At my camp the early registration is also on April 15th! We still have openings for Weblos Resident Camp, Summer day camp and our Edmund D. Strang Scout Reservation's boy scout camp!


If you would like information about this camp or programs at Edmund D. Scout Reservation located in Goshen, Connecticut, please contact me!

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