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Invitation for all scouters to attend Housatonic Council's Summer Camp in Goshen, CT

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To all scouters,


I would like to invite all of you to attend Edmund Stang Scout Reservation which is run by the Housatonic Council. The camp is located in Goshen, Ct and runs a terrific program emphasis on merit bades, advancement and pure all around fun including the bi-weekly dance we hold for the enjoyment of all campers with Camp Mohawk, a girls camp in Litchfield(nearby town). You will have the opportunity for rafting trips along the Housatonic River and many more days trips will be announced! Venturing crews are welcome, ask us for more information on programs that will be offered for crews if any different then the regular Boy Scout schedule. Many people from out of council come to our camp every year from New York and around Connecticut and looking forward to broading this! Seasons will be offered by week for a total of 4 weeks, you may attend all 4 or just one if you choose. You may reserve campsites at camp depending on the size of your troop or be placed with another troop and will operate as a conjoined troop for that week, single scouts without leaders or troops are also welcomed. WE HOPE TO SEE YOU CAMP STRANG THIS SUMMER!


For more information please visit the camp page:




The main council page:




For more information please either reply in this form or email me at my address: CobraCrusade@yahoo.com

OR Call the council office: (203)734-3329


I hope to see you all there!



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I would like to note that spaces are running out to reserve a campsite at Camp Strang so please hurry. My recommendation is that you reserve either the Tierney Lean To's, Wepawaug or the Paugassett campsites because the are central to most the camp.





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Since the last time I posted 4 more slots were filled up, and I thank you for your interested in such a worthwhile camp. There are still 7-8 slots remaining for troops to attend summer camp this summer. Week 2 is completely booked, there are 1-2 in week 1, 3, and 4. My recommendation is that you choose the Tierney Lean-To's, Paugassett, Wepawaug or Scaticook. Those are my favorite 4 campsites at Camp Strang.


NOTE: We are also currently searching for a camp nurse, head chef and other staff positions for those preferably 17+.


You will find a staff application on the council website!



Thanks again!


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I just wanted to let everyone know you are free to post here about any Strang experience you have ever had!


Campsites still avaliable!


Week 1 July 3-9-only one campsite avaliable!

-Algonquin(One of the most popular campsites)


Week 2 July 10-16-no campsites avaliable sorry!


Week 3 July 17-23-three are three campsites avaliable!

-Scaticook(Large area that has nice layout!)

-Lean To's(Personal favorite)

-Pootatuck(Newest campsite, leader lean tos are brand new!)


Week 4 July 24-30-there are still 4 campsites open!

-Chesapeake(Popular with larger troops, close to entire camp)

-Scaticook(Large area with large layout!)

-Lean To's(Personal favorite)

-Wepawaug(Center to camp)


Weblos Resident Camp July 31-August 6!

-Check with Housatonic Council for more information!


Please visit us on the web, Housatonic council and Strang Scout Reservation!




Or email me: CobraCrusade@yahoo.com



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