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My troop, located in Upstate New York, is looking for a new summer camp to go to. We have a tradition of going to a new summer camp every year, and are looking for recomendations of good summer camps.




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You might want to check out the Scout Camps located in the Laurel Highlands. Greater Pittsburgh has Heritage Scout Reservation and Camp Twin Echos, I don't know if Twin Echos is open in the summer. There is also Camp Conestoga. Operated by Westmoreland Fayette Council.Both these camps offer a traditional scouting program. For the older Scouts, if you wanted to take them off site there is white water rafting, mountain biking. Not that far away is 7 Springs Ski Resort, which has an Alpine Slide. There is the Johnstown Flood museum, and Shanksville,where flight 93 crashed. Pittsburgh is about 90 Min's away. Where there is the Pittsburgh zoo, the National Avery and the Children's Museum.


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I know it would be a trek for you and your boys, but is Haliburton still up and runnin'???



We always went to Camp Ditmer (~Leroy, NY?). Somewhere back in time, I think it closed, though.


I would have guessed you were in a perfect location - Adirondacks, Catskills, Finger Lakes, Berkshires, Greens, Whites . . . There must be some great camps within a day's drive. Atleast, I can't imagine there arent't. . .


Good Luck.





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I think you will find that everyone here will tell you about the "best" camp ever...and it is going to be thier own So I might as well make a plug for my home camp. Camp Lavigne is located in Northern Columbia County PA it is a small rustic camp with a BIG program, we have space in camp for just 160 campers per week and with over 40 paid and volunteer staff we offer an excellent program with a lot of individual attention. Our aquatics program offers a small boat sailing program on a big scale traveling to a very large state park to do our sailing and in 2005 we are set to open a Brand new High COPE course to suppliment the over 30 elements of low COPE we already have in use. We offer Dining Hall as well as Patrol Feeding options to serve most any troops needs. If you have questions please feel free to contact me anytime.


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June Norcross Scout Reservation in Ashford CT.


For the past 2 years we have had a troop come to our camp that has been going to different camps every years since they were formed. It's Troop 379 from Tempe AZ, if anyone knows them. I hope they come back again this coming summer.


We also have had a troop for many years come to us for 2 weeks every summer, Troop 660 from Masapequa(sp?).


There are several troops that come to us from NY and MA.



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For camps a little more to the north....KSR outside of Bangor, has an outstanding waterfront. And for the older scouts who want a challenge, and a real adventure of wilderness travel in canoes, there's the Maine High Adventure Base at Grand Lake Matagamon.

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