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A Summer Camp Prayer

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In just over a month from now I'll be going to my 6th consecutive Summer Camp but this is my first since taking over as Scoutmaster earlier this year. I spend almost every waking moment thinking about how perfect I'd like it to be, although I know that things aren't always perfect. But I am preparing and think I have put together a good plan for our Junior Leaders to truly run it. I am arranging for 5 of our Staff members to have various jobs for the week in camp and am assigning one of them the task of making sure, with the help of others, that a small campfire is burning by 9pm in case I decide to deliver a SM minute before they relax and retire for the night. So I'm driving into work this morning and, although I am not at all deeply religious, I thought a nice prayer might be nice to help set the pace for the week and these words just came to me. I hope no one finds it inappropriate if I share it with you in case anyone's interested. I guess I was just thinking, gee I suppose a SM minute like couldn't hurt:

A Summer Camp Prayer



Lord, please grant us a productive and safe week in camp.

Help us to take seriously, the opportunity to take a giant step forward in our advancement goals.

May we model our behavior according to the words of the Scout Oath and Law and to treat each other with dignity and respect as brothers as we share the week together in your great outdoors.

From the Young Brave, to the veteran Scout to the adult leader, help us to grow, learn and live according to the principles established by Scoutings founder, Baden Powell.

Guide us to truly help other people at all times and to keep safe our families and friends back home.

Allow us Lord, to have the kind of week that will let us tell great stories about for many years to come.



I think this forum can, at time, be a great source for Scouters.

Enjoy your summer.

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