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In the final analysis, it matters more what do you think about being a Female Program Director at a Boy Scout Camp than the opinions of such a rapscallion group. I think you can do it, but you must be convinced you can do it as well.


You know I would do anything I could to help you, but you must want it as badly as anything you ever have, then it will be no problem.

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I think it would take some getting used to, but i would rather have a male Director or Program Director. I mean, i don't have a problem with women being in charge, but it just wouldn't seem right for a Boy Scout Camp's figurehead. It works well in the Cub Scouting Relm. Just based on the actual units, women in scouting are usually the "Den Mothers" while the fathers take over when their son crosses over. I have only seen one troop work well with female scoutmasters. I came from a unit with a horrible female ASM that took over an ruined the troop. The Director and Progeam Director are like the SM and ASM of the camp.

If a woman was to be in one of those positions, she would have a hard first year proving herself to all the skeptics. There are old scouters outthere that believe that women have no place in Boy Scouting, whether at camp or in a troop. A camp with a female director could loose those troops, the camp that i work at even lost a troop because of the fact that we even hired girl lifeguards (we're actually kind of glad he left)


Bottom line, it can work, but it will be work. It's not easy to change something that has been one way "forever", but i think it can be done. I wouldn't like it, but i think that i could deal with it.


Just my $0.02

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