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Where did you go to summer camp?

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On 6/3/2010 at 11:53 AM, GKlose said:

'10: Camp Bell, Griswold Scout Reservation (Daniel Webster Council) (planned)

I'd love to hear how it is. I camped at Camp Bell a couple of times (Valley Voyager and a Wilderness Survival overnight) in the 90s when it was not running as a separate camp, but just a location on the map for overnights from Hidden Valley.  If I remember correctly, it's a patrol cooking camp?

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Wente Scout Reservation, Willits California

Surprised not to see this one on the list....   Camp Raven Knob - Mt Airy, NC (1982-1986)     I sure do miss summer camp...

I second Raven Knob. Ours is a farely new Troop, 3 years. We had always vowed to go to a different camp each year. After Raven Knob we broke that vow and are going back next year. Great camp, great st

Holy Thread Resurrection Batman!

As a child my first summer camp was in north Wales, near lake Bala apparently, I was 6, tagged along with my parents. A farmer's field.

As a child and then a scout, then a Venture, then a Venture leader farmer's fields in

Brecon Beacons, south Wales
Gower, south Wales
North Devon
Dart Valley, South Devon - where we could see a preservation steam in action across the valley

As an Explorer Scout leader

Collard Bridge, Barnstaple, North Devon
Broadstone Warren - Sussex
Corf Campsite - Isle of Wight
Tansley Wood, Matlock, Peak District
A dust bath "nature reserve" and a school gym floor, Canary Islands
Farmer's field in Corfe Castle, Dorset

Also sent Explorers with other leaders to

San Jacinto, Aveiro, Portugal
Kandersteg, Switzerland
Barcelona, Spain


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Trefoil Ranch in Utah, for a week with the Girl Scouts.  I hated it, though I'm sure that was through no fault of the camp.  I had no friends in Girl Scouts, so I'm not sure why my parents sent me, other than maybe to get me out of their hair, lol.

The vast majority of my camping experience was with my family.  Dad is an outdoorsman, so we camped a LOT.  Most vivid memories are him hiding our Easter baskets up in some scrub oak one year, and having the back of our (the kids) tent collapse on us due to a heavy snow, while dad slept soundly in the truck/camper.

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I didn't stay in scouting long.  I was being bullied by 2 older scouts. I started a fight with them while waiting for breakfast when I couldn't take it anymore and of course I was the one punished. I then got into an argument with an adult leader who called lunch, dinner because my punishment was cleanup during "dinner" and I left at the end of lunch.

The camp was nice, though. This is where I wish I had pictures from back in the days of yore.

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I grew up in the Washington DC area, and my troop always went to Goshen scout reservation in Virginia. Every year. The place is big, with several different camps around the lake, so the experience was different from year to year. It was a great experience for me.

Nothing I've seen so far in or near Texas is  as good as Goshen...but then, that might just be because I used to be young and naive, whereas now I'm older and more cynical.

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Camp Ransburg- Crossroads of America Council (Bloomington, IN)

Kishwaukee Scout Reservation- Calumet Council (Kirkland, IL)

My argument against year-round schooling is my fond memory of the summer month I spent less than 24 hours at home (time to do laundry!). Family vacation, home for laundry, troop high adventure trip (w/the older Scouts), and on the way home from that I was dropped off at summer camp (w/ the younger Scouts).


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@WonderBoy Big thumbs up for Camp Ransburg! Premier Scout camp in the Midwest! Went there as a scout 3 times, then a summer on staff (1980)

Staffed Belzer cub camp for a year (1983). Attended there as a cub! Great place. Belzer was home camp for my chapter of OA! Hope to get back that way some time!

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I did not look back to see if I ever responded to this thread since it was started in 2003.  To my recollection my summer camps as a Scout were as follows:

Allamuchy, Stanhope NJ (then Morris-Sussex Council, now Patriots Path Council) - 1972

Ten Mile River, NY (both summer camp and TLD, the predecessor of NYLT) - 1973

Philmont - 1974

Masawepie (way northern NY state) - 1975

It is possible that I went to camp as an 18-year-old ASM in 1976, but I don't remember.  If so, it probably would have been Allamuchy.

(If there seem to be a couple of years missing, there are - for various reasons, including quitting for awhile, I did not go to summer camp in1969-71.)


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As a scout:

- Camp Lawton AZ, '75

- Camp Lawton, '76

- Philmont, '77

- Camp Geronimo AZ , '77

- Camp Gorsuch AK, '78 - '80 (staff)

As a scouter:  huge gaps in volunteer years, but in a nutshell:   back to Geronimo 2X, Rodney Scout Reservation VA, Kerr Scout Reservation (Slippery Falls) OK 2X, Hale Scout Reservation OK

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10 hours ago, NJCubScouter said:

Ten Mile River, NY (both summer camp and TLD, the predecessor of NYLT) - 1973


NJ, I'm envious...several years ago, I stumbled on to the Ten Mile River Alumni web page.    An outstanding collection of staffer and camper recollections.  Well written and many are quite humorous.  Though I've never been to the camp, or even in the region, I have a deep respect for Ten Mile. 

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