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Where did you go to summer camp?

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Camp Barnhardt - Central NC Council - New London, NC 

Camp Raven Knob - Old Hickory Council - Mt. Airy, NC

Camp Daniel Boone - Canton, NC

Camp Bud Schiele - Rutherfordton, NC

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Many camps as a young boy..... .  My folks were all in favor of my independence (until I went off to college, then mom cried).

Mast Cove Camp, outside of Portland Maine.  Stanwood Cobb was the owner/director. Salt water sails and swims. Gimp craft work. 

The Nature Camp, outside of somewhere in southern Virginia, I think GW Forest,  perhaps.  4am bird walks.  Fern ID. Formal theatrics. 

Camp Theodore Roosevelt , BSA,  off Calvert Cliffs, the Chesapeake Bay. Sea Nettles. Astronomy....

"The Property" (named Camp Freedom), summer camp organized by my Troop parents on somebody's uncle's cousin's "property", Germantown MD.  Long dead American Chestnut for fire wood cooking. Spring water. 

Camp Wilson,  BSA, Fairfax County VA (I think) . Pine woods , sandy and hot.

Broad Creek,  BSA, north of Baltimore MD. Hemlock dark woods. 

Very few bad times.....


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On 12/3/2018 at 3:29 PM, Jahaza said:

Hidden Valley Scout Reservation (Gilmanton Ironworks, NH, Daniel Webster Council) as a Boy Scout.

I wanted to visit this place one time.  Couldn't find it...

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Owasippie Scout Reservation (Robert Crown), Camp Bunn, Saukenauk Scout Reservation


Saukenauk Scout Reservation, Camp Shin-Go-Beek, Owasippie Scout Reservation (Blackhawk), Rota-Kiwan Scout Reservation

Camp School:

Camp Mitigwa, Owasippie Scout Reservation, Geneva Center (x2)


Ma-Ka-Ja-Wan Scout Resevation (West), Camp Shin-Go-Beek, Owasippie Scout Reservation (Blackhawk)


NO - I can't even!

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