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a new merit badge for summer camp? :)

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1.Take Morning and afternoon naps daily.


2.Go to the nature area and tell about the massive copperhead you massacred in your yard last week.


3.Go to Scoutcraft and try to show off that fancy knot you used to know.


4.Go rowing and find out youre not as young as you used to be.


5.Complain about the sights on the 22s.


6.Hunt down the air conditioned buildings between naps.


7.Hassle four staff members daily.


8.Have 5 cups of coffee minimum daily unless forbidden by allergy or religion.


9.Wait for Troop to show up in front of dining hall.


10.Avoid latrines; search out flush toilets.


11.Foolishly believe you can beat the staff in volleyball or any other game.


12.Make merit badge counselors nervous by watching over their shoulders.


13.Help lost campers find program areas.


14.Ask, Why cant I just take my vehicle in and unload it?


15.Chase Scouts out of your chair.


I wish i could credit whoever came up with this!




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Who ever wrote it had at one time been a Camp Staff Member.

He forgot to mention anything about the Food. I attend some of the Scoutmasters meetings held at our Camp, it is neat to hear that the complaints haven't changed much in the last 25 years. When I worked at Camp.

Come to think of it the Staff Members are almost as nuts, as we were?

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i LOVE it, Sparkie!



I can think of a few more "optional" requirements....


16. Find the hidden electrical outlets in camp for your Palm Pilot, laptop and to re-charge your digital camera.


17. Move the car at least once a day to "test the A/C"


18. Setup a hammock and bring a good book.


19. float on an air mattress in the swimming area & work on your tan.


20. Take a shower or two each day to cool off - but instead of deodorant, douse yourself in bug spray.


I think we'll have to make this a Napawon Tradition - lets see, what would our patch be...


A scouter in his hammock with his hat over his face and the boys fanning him?




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Laura T wrote "Find the hidden electrical outlets in camp for your Palm Pilot, laptop and to re-charge your digital camera. "


You get to use electrical equipment at camp!? We don't even allow battery operated stuff (i.e. gameboys, cd's radios).


Although we do allow the boys to use these items for the ride to camp, they have to stay inside the car they came in once they are at camp.







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I would think in keeping with the spirit of this Badge, one would earn extra credit for having all the toys. A wide screen TV, so as to keep up with important events, such as Soap Operas, and Game Shows.

Cell Phones that play "Back To Giwell" in the middle of grace.

And of course there would have to be a pot of the most evil tasting coffee, ever made. Thanks in part to the fact that the pot hasn't been cleaned in over twenty years, and the egg shells do so much to make taste the way it does.

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What made me think of that one was that I saw a guy last summer at Napaown in the mess tent every afternoon(center pole)with his laptop - don't know if he was working (I think he was) or doing scout stuff.


We have troopmaster on a laptop for the troop - but we've never taken it on any outings. However, I just got Troopmaster traveler for my palm pilot, so we might use that instead of the paper files on each scout's advancement needs for camp - However, last year it also stayed in my car/purse.


But I do admit to prefering my digital camera to my bulky 35 MM and as it only uses special rechargable batteries, I charged it up at night in the nurse's station.


We don't let the boys (or adults) bring electronic entertainments -except on the bus or in cars - but we have allowed handset radios (for communications), cameras, and we've used my palm pilot for badge requirements and star charts. Basically - if it enhances the program and doesn't distract from the experience and enjoyment of nature, it's ok.





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add, at least one all-nighter with a homesick scout.


Also, is this badge retroactive? I think I have earned it already with clusters.


OGE, I always try to trade up but can get no takers, but they always walk away laughing.



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Lost Items MB


1. Lose 1 sock to a pair. Make sure your name or troop # is not written on it.


2. Leave the following at water front.

a. towel

b. goggles

c. swim trunks or water socks


3. Discreetly leave soiled underwear at latrine after service patrols cleans up.


4. Leave Scout Handbook at Dining Facility and claim it's not yours even with your name and troop number written inside it.


5. Leave your camp bag at camp after your troop leaves for home.


6. Have mom call the Camp Director to see if any of the above items were found at camp.





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