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Countdown to a large summer camp contingent

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Sunday, July 14th we leave for summercamp. As it stands right now we have 62 scouts going and 14-18 adults depending on the day, with 12 of the same adults all week. Its beginning to scare me, does anyone with large troop experience have any tips and/or pointers?


Oh,BTW, our Council Executive will be with us all week as well, will let you guys know how well he does

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WOW - seems like you guys are doing something right.


Where are you going to camp? Our boys are presently at Ockanickon - i'm heading back up there on Wednesday through the end of the week.





As an aside, i remember going to camp with around 50 boys in our troop when i was a scout and we had a blast - but then i didn't have any responsibilities then either beyond PL.

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We camp at the best Boy Scout Camp ever, Camp Minsi by Pocono Suummit PA. The Camp Director has been on staff in various capacities for 8 years and the boys see him as a part of the troop that we see once a year.


For more information try



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Off topic, but I gotta challenge you on "best Boy Scout Camp ever". I'm sure yours is right up there, but nothing can compare with Camp Miakonda, owned and lovingly maintained by the Council in Toledo, Ohio. On land originally donated by a turn of the century industrialist, Camp Miakonda boasts what was the largest swimming pool in the U.S. -- may still be for all I know. A parade ground at least the size of a football field was the scene of endless flashlight tag games, rolling sylvan woodlands, a large natural lake, rustic cabins, a tradin' post area that looks like a fontier town, and more. Many of the cabins and other buildings date to the depression era and were WPA projects -- workmanship and materials unmatched by anything today.


I may have an overly romanticized memory of this place from my Scout days, but when I compare it with others I've seen as an adult, it is really special. I had an opportunity to visit when my nephew went to Webelos resident camp a few years ago, and all the memories returned...



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