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Letters FROM Home

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Gee, it's bad when you post a reply to your own posting - that was supposed to be "humorous" as in funny, not "humerous" as related to the bone (more correctly spelled humerus for the spelling police). Although I guess the humerous error was kind of humorous when I read it.

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We know that there are 3 major needs that all humans have. Food, Water, Shelter. Without these no personb feels secure. Without that feeling of security humans will do anything to fill those needs. Once they are met, a fourth need comes in, social. Without that, most people will again feel insecure despite having the comfort of food, shelter, and water.


So what does that teach Scout leaders? We need to make sure that scouts have adequate shelter from the elements, dry clothing, comfortable bedding, good meals, plenty of water (not just bug juice) and they need to feel they have friends around them. I guarantee you that you scout who didn't last the weekend was missing one or more of these 4 elements. That's why he took the escape route with mom and dad. He knew what he was missing could be found at home and his natural needs made him grab that escape route.


The best solution is the New Scout Patrol for the first year.


The boys are around scouts their own age (many they know from Webelos), They have an experienced scout (Troop Guide) and an Assistant Scoutmaster who are focused on their needs and activities, and who while teaching them skills insure that food is good, tents are secure, beds are comfortable, activities are plentiful. Once you get them through the first year they rarely go home. But many who go home the first year rarely come back.


Good Night,

Bob White

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