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Flashlight comparisons

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I carry an Energizer Hard Case my hubby found at the local auto parts store for around 15.00. Takes my clutzy abuse and lots of bright light. fits in a pocket. Model number is TUF2AAP.


It depends on wants/needs on what is good for you but I love the above.

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Nice review OEAE, I like the objective comparison of the lights you selected.


LED flashlights are great, and they represent a giant technological step over their incandescent predecessors. The biggest problem with inexpensive LEDs is not that they aren't bright enough, but that they emit too much light. There are times when you want as much light as you can get (SAR scenarios come to mind) but most of the time when camping you want just enough light to do the job.


Most mid to high end LED lights have some sort of brightness control, either multiple levels of brightness, or (my preference) a continuous range of brighness.


For most scouting activities I think a micro light like the Photon Freedom light is perfectly adequate, in fact I carry one on my keychain all the time (and I don't carry a bunch of other EDC items) Its amazing how often having a little extra light caomes in handy.


If you need something bigger, the Photon Proton Pro is the Freedom's big brother. Single AA light, with a secondary red LED, full range brighness adjustment (for both colors as well as signalling modes. A very nice light that can be had for less than $40.


Photon Freedom: http://www.batteryjunction.com/phfrmipesafl.html


Proton Pro: http://www.batteryjunction.com/proton.html





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I don't use flashlights anymore.


My advice is to spend the money on a decent LED headlamp that will last many years. I prefer those that use the AAA batteries that mount inside the main head of the headlamp. Excellent models include Princeton Tech EOS (~$35) and Petzel Tikka XP ($55). My own preferece is the EOS.


They pack small. The EOS has a perfect mix between flood and beam. You can hang them, hold them in your hand, and ... get this! ... if you put it on your head it automatically points in the direction you're looking. Cool technology, eh? Perfect for setting up tents or cooking at night. No more lanterns!


For Scouts, you might try the lower cost LED headlamps sold at Walmart, Target, ..., but they simply don't come close to comparing to the EOS.

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