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I got the micro fiber sheet set (fitted sheet, top sheet and pillow case) from Wal-Mart for about 12 bucks and tried it out at camp last week.




First half of the week the highs were in the mid-90s with lows in the high 70s over night. Mid-week, as a front moved through, it was quite humid and sticky. I was dry and comfortable every night. As it cooled off later in the week (overnight Friday we set a new record low of 57) I added a thin acrylic stadium blanket and was very comfortable. I will say I was a bit chilly Friday night.


Every morning I would shake out the linens and make the bed. Laying everything out flat was enough to let it dry and freshen up. Didn't need to hang things outside and take the chance of getting rained on.


One thing that always irritates me about using regular-sized sheets on a cot is they don't stay tucked-in and sooner or later I wake up on the bare, nasty, vinyl mattress. The bottom sheet on this set had elastic all the way around, so it wasn't a problem. I did take a couple of large binder clips and secured the bottom of the sheets and blankets to the bottom edge of the cot. Never woke up with cold tootsies hanging out the bottom of the blankets.


Life is good.

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I use the standard wooden army cot. I use standard twin bedding which is too big for the cot so I tie an overhand knot in the corners of the sheet and they stay tucked around the four corners of the cot very nicely. Then I tie corners on the top sheet at the foot only. The wool blanket I use is too thick to tie a knot in so I tie a sheet bend with a small cord that I tie to the legs at the foot, one on each side. very thing stays in place nicely. Just untie the two knots at the head of the cot and the whole thing removes nicely to take outside and air for the day.



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