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Recommend a good weather radio

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Ok i'm going to the experts, what would be a good handheld size weather radio to get. i am not lookign for soemthign with all the extras, ie USB port, battery recharger, solar panels, etc. I am looking for something that can fit in a pocket and keep me updated.


Long story short, I heard so many rumors about bad weather this past weekend, taht I want one. I knew before hand that there was a chance for bad whether and was prepared for it but some of the stuff in hindsight was outrageous, and with a bunch of CS,mostly Tigers and their families, I want them to have positive expereince camping for the first time and didn't want to take any chances.

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Many of the FRS/GMRS units have weather radio monitoring features that let you hear the recorded broadcast. Some also have alert features. It's helpful because you end up carrying only a single device.


For a dedicated weather radio, the cheap ones (~$20) offer monitoring only. Expect to go double that to get alarm features. I have used the Oregon Scientific WR602 and the Midland HH54. Both are easy to use and offer alarm features. The SAME option is nice because you can select what counties you want to monitor for alerts.


Obvious limitations are battery life, ruggedness, and radio coverage.


I have been stormed/tornadoed several times while camping. A weather radio helped alert my unit to a storm - we evacuated and saved lives.

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