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A lot of condensate in tent

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I have an Ozark Trail tent from Wal-Mart. Nothing special, just your run of the mill tent.


The first time I (and my son)slept in it...the temperature dropped from 64 down to 39 degrees or so. It wasn't humid outside,and the dew was minimal..yet when I woke up, the inside was a rain forest too.


A week later, same tent, again, me and my 9 year old son slept in it at our pack campout. First night, it was high 60's low 70's and humid. No rain forest. next night, dropped into the low 40's..no rain forest.


The only thing I can figure is that our breath might have created the humidity. OR it was brand new and hadn't had a chance to breath from the factory or maybe settle/break in.


First time, I thought I wa=oke up in jungle Africa. After that,, been fine.


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I have the Eureka Apex-2xt and I've found condensation is an issue in cooler temps, too. (Temps below about 40F) Notwithstanding that much of the tent roof is mesh fabric, the colder it is the more troublesome the condensation becomes. In freezing temps, I've found that no amount of venting or configuring helps--short of leaving one or both vestibules open or partially so. Even then, under the fly a layer of frost collects above my head...


OTOH, the troop bought new Chinook Sirocco 2 single wall backpacking tents and the condensation even in warm temps is legendary! :o

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