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FYI Cabelas has MSR WhisperLite Stoves on sale

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FYI - $59.77 for the MSR WhisperLite Internationale Stove if anyone is looking to get one.


I have no affiliation with Caballa's. Just a gear nut that trolls the bargain cave every week or so.


If the link won;t work google Cabela's and go to the camping section of the bargain cave.





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Speaking of Cabelas, our council received a letter stating that for the 2010 Anniversary year, troops and councils will received 25% off their orders. It looks as though you have to put together a list and send the request as it is not available online or at the store. I would attach the notice our council forwarded to our troop, but I don't see that I can do that here. Check with your local council.



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