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Wichita [KS] Scouts honor Cub who saved mother's life

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Scouts honor Cub who saved mother's life


The Associated Press


Monday, March 4, 2002

Like many 9-year-old boys, Conner Shaddix loves dogs, swimming and Playstation football games.


But on Saturday night, about 400 Cub Scouts and their parents gathered to celebrate an act of courage that sets Conner apart from others his age.


Conner saved his mother's life.


Last April, he awoke one morning to the sound of his mother, Charlotte Shaddix, moaning.


His father, Steven, was away on a business trip, so Conner, an only child, went to check on his mother.


Mrs. Shaddix, a diabetic, had an extremely low blood sugar level. She couldn't move or talk, and rescuers later told her she was on the brink of slipping into a coma.


Conner covered her with a blanket. He tried to get her to drink some pop.


He tested her blood sugar level with her glucose monitor. He knew she was having a medical emergency, so he called 911 and directed rescuers to his mother's aid.


Dispatcher Michelle Robinson, who took his call for assistance, helped present the Boy Scouts of America's National Medal of Merit to Conner.



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