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propane lantern flare up...?

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Have used the classic Coleman-type propane lantern with mantels that hang down for years. They are very bright and seem pretty much problem free except for changing a broken mantel now and again.


On our last couple camping trips one of our lanterns is exhibiting the strange behavior of flame coming from the mantels which do not glow brightly as expected. If we turn up the gas, more flames come out of the mantels. If we turn the gas down low, the flaming stops, and the mantel glow a bit, but not as brightly as they should. We changed the mantels to see if that would help, but made no difference.


Has anyone seen this behavior before? Any solution?



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Flames are usually an indicator of a fuel leak, SMT.


Since the flames are near the mantles, that's where to look for the leak. If you're not comfortable checking the valves and gaskets on your lantern(s), call your local outdoor/sporting goods store or Scout shop to get a recommendation on a repair shop.

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I have three of the NorthStars, and while they are bright, I have leaks in the piping on two of them, with little flame spurts coming out of the sides of the tube that goes up from the valve. They don't seem expensive enough to repair, but I'm hesistant to buy any others....


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