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Hi all,


I recently purchased the Osprey Atmos 65, mainly for weekend backpacking, but it appears that it might be versatile enough for Philmont; my first trip. The capacity is rated at 4000 ci and the recommendation for Philmont is 4800 for internal frame packs. However, Osprey has designed the pack in such a way that I can carry a 3 liter hydration bag in the space between the back of the pack and the netting against which my back would come in contact. Additionally, they've also designed the pack so I can tie my sleeping pad to the outside. I know this pack has just recently come on the market, but has anyone tried it out for an extended trip?


If that does not pan out, I have my eye on the Osprey Aether 85 which at 4lbs. 12oz. and 5200 ci. appears to the the best I've seen from a weight to size ratio. Any experiences with this one?






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Philmont merely recommends what they think each person needs to carry gear. If you're comfortable with the pack you have and you can get your gear in it, along with the food rations and some communal gear I wouldn't worry. Test what you have out on your shakedown hikes and see where it gets you, throw on an extra tarp to simulate a dining fly, etc. When I went to Philmont in '02 we had a guy whose pack was big enough to carry the kitchen sink, all he ended up doing was carrying more gear, it's a double edge sword...

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