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I don't have one of these. I have the lightweight "hammock bliss". Purchased it form Campmor. At Summer Camp this year I caught at least a 1/2 hour or more nap every afternoon in it. It tended to sag a little more than I'd like to admit. But I loved it.

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Hi Campcrafter,

The majority of our troop use these! They are awesome.

Here are some images of our hammocks in action:







We have been such a good customer for Hennessy that we now sell these as a fundraiser. Check it out at



I currently use the Expedition A-sym, which is their mainstream model. Longer or heavier folks can scale up a bit. The A-sym models really do feel a bit roomier. I have spent rainy weeks in mine (we take them to summer camp, cause they are *that* comfy) with no trouble. It is probably the coolest option available for those really hot, muggy outings. You can kind of fold the floor over and lay on the outside of it for a nice rest in the breeze.

I don't usually use it once it gets to about freezing temps. The cold air under your compressed bag will suck the heat out of you just like the cold ground would. So just like a tent or tarp, you have to insulate under you, but it is a bit tricky to keep a pad under you in the hammock. I really should work out a custom solution for that :-)

The best part is how you are never on a rock or stick or slope that annoys you through the night. You can sleep super-comfortable on very rough terrain. I totally love mine, and highly recommend them.

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thanks for the info I really liked the hammock city!


Looks like you have a very active unit.


Well back to the Hennesy site.




PS Does anyone remember a site that sold a hammock that had a flat bottom - actualy more of a hanging tent? Or did I dream this?(This message has been edited by campcrafter)

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My son bought one of these a year or so ago after seeing it at the Jambo.


He tried it out at home. The next morning (late in the morning - past time for him to get moving because we all had things to do), I went to wake him up. I rapped on the lump in the low point of the hammock to wake him up, thinking I'd be thumping his butt. Because of slight downhill angle that he'd suspended the hammock, he'd shifted down. What I hit was his hard head!


He loves it (the hammock, not the thump on the head). It's super light and very cozy - and it breathes well and takes up very little space in his pack. It has performed very well in heavy rain. The "downside" is that there's no good place to stow your pack, park your boots, change clothes, etc.

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