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What backpacking stoves do you use?

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uz2b - we got a couple of the Gaz cartridge stoves, and a couple of the Coleman PowerMax stoves.


We already had a couple of Gaz, but we had a couple of spills last campout and will probably ditch those for something more stable. We bought these larger 4 quart pots from REI so the patrols cooking wouldn't be too spread out, so that probably contributed to the stability problem.


The Coleman Powermax worked great for the guys. Low center of gravity, very stable, easy to use. Worked just fine with the larger pots.


We adults used a Jetboil on our week long backpack trip to Yosemite, and it worked really well. Not only does it boil water in a flash, it turns down very nicely to a low simmer so you can actually cook some flavor into the food ( we don't do freeze-dried ).


On our trip, I brought my 'Bakepacker' and made my boy a birthday cake ( complete with candle ). This uses the freezer bag concept, same as what Brent refers to in his post, though it takes a LONG time to bake anything.. wouldn't want to do it too often as I'd have to lug more fuel with me...






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Have just been testing a Coleman 533, biggist drawback is anything over about a quart seems heavy for the pot support system, with care is might support 2 quarts. Both the old Coleman 502 and the MSR Whisperlight will hold up more. The cooking times seem a little slower than the MSR too.


The up side is even at 28 deg it was a simple no-flareup stove to light, neither the other two stoves will light with out a lot of drama but the 533 behaves very much like a propane stove.

Too bad they didn't build the 533 strong like the old 502 Sportstrs.

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