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hope your search goes well...a couple of years ago I was looking for the same thing...I found one company willing to sell plans for about $50.00. We even traveled to several outfitters and took measurement and photos of their gear...


In the end the Troop committee decided they did not want the liability of having a strut break off and eight thousand dollars worth of canoes flying down the highway at 65 mph (looking for cars to hit)...so we cranked up the fund raising machine and raised the money for a bright red trailer...do wish it had a lockable paddle box though...we store paddles inside when not in use.

good hunting


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I think there's nothing like a custom design to fit the needs. I have an old 6place trailer that is too limited for trips - small wheels, narrow wheel base, light-weight carrying capacity.

So after browsing numerous other designs in the region I have procured a large boat trailer with bent frame (a freebie, nice) that I am modifying to be a 12-place canoe trailer with a large stowage box underneath. This will hold us nicely for quite a while, I think. Capacity, utility, and road-worthiness are the major factors I think.

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i dont know of any companies off hand. in our troop we rent a trailer from the local college (because my dad works there). i think if you got a bunch of guys w/welders together, and started welding something together, it might come out all right. if nothing else, raise some money and buy one.

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