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Propane Maintainance Tips?

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One of my troop's 2 burner Coleman propane stoves has only one burner which works right. The second burner only puts out a weak yellow flame and gives off much soot.


We also have a 2 mantle propane lantern which is not working right. The mantles give a very weak yellow light when it is turned way down. If you try to turn it up, flames escape from the mantles and they never developes the white "balls" inside of them.


I thought I would look here for maintainance or repair tips before I started experimenting on my own.

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Sounds like the mix going to the burner is too fuel-rich, needs more air in the mix. I'd suspect something else if the other burner wasn't working properly. Disassembly and cleaning might help if you can't adjust the air mix. As for the lantern, I can only think it's a problem with a blocked fuel supply system, but I have never worked on a propane lantern -they've always worked perfectly for me.

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