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... it'd be the Scoutmaster, but since he continually has shown that he's too busy for getting around to things like getting a proper trailer for the Troop,...


Just another perspective, for what it is worth: I would hope that the Scoutmaster is too busy to get involved with procuring a trailer. As a former SM, I would expect such support to come from the committee or a volunteer parent. I applaud your stepping up and doing the leg work on the trailer. Again, as a former SM, I don't know if I can express in words how gratifying it is to have someone take a project like this and make it happen. I hope the advice you are getting helps out.


You may also want to look at Menards or Home Depot. I have seen enclosed trailers in their parking lots that they were selling. Our troop did get their trailer from Northern Indiana. We ordered through a local seller found in the yellow pages, and saved a hundred or so by driving to the manufacturer to pick it up.

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Yeah, what EagleinKY said...you are looking for a covered or enclosed utility trailer...emblems come from a sign making company....Unless you have a bunch of trucks in the troop try to keep it as small as possible...even thinking that two small ones can be dragged along by two cars but a bigg'n may need a pickup truck...all tow vehicles need a hitch/receiver and light hookups....


You may even be able to find a used one..a little paint and polish can save bunches of bucks...You might even be able to talk a local "club" like the elks or mosse or VFW into donating one...its been done!


Give serious thought to keeping it secure after you get it..Lots of "bad guys" out there wanting to drive away with other peoples trailers...locks chains, anchors, lights, fence...there can be no parking a SCOUT trailer on a public street in front of your house if you are not willing to see it vandalized, broken into or stolen...find a good secure place well lit with a fence if possible to park and lock it doen!


good luck


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