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GPS systems for a newbie and infrequent user

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I am considering getting into geocaching with my son on a fairly small scale. You know, we go on vacation, and get the cache coords before we go and try to find the cache or more likely---look locally on a Sunday afternoon.


I know about geocaching.com and it seems simple enough, although, I am not really willing to spend megabucks on such an infrequent hobby. If it turns into a real hobby, I can upgrade.


Anyone out there use GPS and have a basic opinion? I am considering Magellan eXplorist 100 or 300 (100 mostly due to $$$), and Garmin eTrex Venture. Right now, I'm considering the Magellan 100 due to the fact that it's relatively inexpensive for the small amount of use we'll have. I don't plan to use it for hiking into the wilderness or use it in Ely, MN on the Boundary Waters or whatever. Just locally with a map, compass, and coords.


Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.



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For Geocaching I would suggest the Garmin Etrex. This is the Yellow one. That was my starter GPS, and you can get them for under 100 on Ebay. I currently use the Garmin Etrex Legend (about $150.00) it is Blue, and the kids use the yellow etrex.


Hope this helps.




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