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I have a chance to buy an Aluminum Canoe. We purchased a house on a lake near us, and the people a few camps down want to sell theirs.

I havent had the chance to see it yet but will be checking it out next weekend.


He told me that it was a 17 Grumman Aluminum Canoe, but he is not sure about the size.

He bought it over 20 years ago but he doesnt think it has been used 10 times.

It has been stored under cover. I am not sure if any paddles are included or any thing else he may have for this.


He isnt sure what it was worth and asked me to make him an offer.

I am not sure what its worth either.

I dont want to steal it from him but I dont want to overpay either.


Ive looked on Ebay and seen a few but they were a good deal newer than this one.

Any ideas on what a good price for this would be?


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I would say in the 150-200 range based on the type of grumman it is.


If its a lightweight one with the thin aluminum I would say less, they don't take use well. The older grummans hold value well.


If it has not been in water for a while I would float it for an hour or so the seal on centerline may leak which is hard to reseal.

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Great link, thanks. In our area (Southeast) I've seen Grummans in great shape (no dents, few scratches) go used for around $300. In fact, I'd consider it myself for that price. I only have, let's see, 5 canoes so far, I can always use another and I don't have aluminum...

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Thanks for all for your advice.

I am now the happy owner of a canoe.

We struck a deal at $200 and both of us came away happy.


For a 20+-year-old canoe, it was in great shape.

1 very small dent from moving it up and down a steep bank to get it into the water.

He painted the outside last year and the inside was the original paint with no scratches.

Paddles looked like they had never been in the water.




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