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I have a slight problem with my son,he tends to think what is his is his and what's mine is his if he can get it out of the house without me knowing.

He took my transistor radio to summer camp and managed to break the telescopic aerial.Good thing is that I have had a long time to get over it.

Anyway I think that I will buy myself a new radio. I just want a radio, no CD player or cassette player.

Wal Mart has a junky looking Emerson weather radio that they are selling for about $25.00. But it doesn't seem that well made.

I have been thinking about a Grundig Yacht Boy or maybe the smaller Grundig Traveler.

I really am not into Radio, just want something that works and will pull in the BBC World Service.

Any ideas or help?


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I went with the Classic YATCH BOY 205 Grundig, from Picou Builders Supply Co. Inc. This is the company that the link brought me to.

It was only $29.99 and $11.00 shipping.

It is small only 3-3/4" High x 6-1/4" Wide x 1-1/2" Thick.

They have a good selection of hand cranked and solar powered radios. A real nice looking one for $59.99.

I never really got into radio as any sort of a hobby. I have always enjoyed listening to it!!

If I'm up early enough I try to catch the BBC World service news. Our local PBS radio station doesn't air it but depending on the weather I can pick it up on the West Virgina, PBS station. In fact I much prefer their line up of shows to what is on our station.

The radio on my stereo system is not bad, but I tend to not use it very much. In fact I tend to load it with CD's and just play them till I get sick of hearing them. I have a fairly good Thorens TD 165 Turntable with a Shure M97xE cartridge and kenwood speakers and Fidelity amp. I keep saying that I will one day change all of my vinyl over to CD,that one day never seems to come.

Last year some of the HS soccer games were only aired over computer radio stations, one day I will play around in that area. But right now I'm so far behind that I don't think I will ever catch up.


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I have never tried getting the BBC on it, but I have and have used for several years a tiny SONY multiband radio that has AM, FM, TV, and, NOAA Weather Radio. It is about 1X2X4 inches and has a belt clip. Runs on 1 AAA battery. They are available for between $25 and $25 most places including Wal-mart.


It has only earphones, no speaker, but it has served me very well. I use it running, camping, etc. The weather stations are great for camping and I have been very few places where I could not receive them.


You may want to consider a little MP3 player with FM radio. I got one for about $70 and in addition to holding 256mb of songs, it has FM radio. It is very small (1X1.5X2") Works on 1 AAA battery.


We are not "ban happy" for small electronics in our unit. We figure that you can bring what you want as long as you can carry it and it is not illegal or detract from the Scouting activies.


2 of our local council camps have lots of highway traffic noise and I would much rather listen to my radio thatn the highway racket.

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