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Just a comment,


I know a troop who bought the biggest trailer they could afford at the time. It was a big trailor that had duel axels and electric brakes. Now the trailer sits in the parking lot because the guy that had the only vehical in the troop big enough to pull it is no longer a member of the troop.

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Thanks all for you comments:


to answer a couple of questions:


1. Why do we need a trailer, considering the LNT.


A. To transport or 3 Man tents

B. Summer Camp oppertunities. It is hard (Not Impossable) to go on a week of camping with out Stoves ETC.

C. To store our Equipment as We have very little room at our COR.

D. New Scouts have yet to learn not to bring the 10 Pairs of pants mom say's to take.


I am not new to the LNT or camping scene. I personally take the same equipment weather it is a one nighter or two weeks. My pack when loaded with personal just gear is 16 lbs. I am in the process of teaching the possabilities to the scouts. But some times you just want to go and have fun, and not worry about your equipment.





SM 41


P.S. I went on a High Adventure to Alaska when I was a boy. We were there for two weeks with 10 Scouts and two Adults.


We had no Dutch Ovens, Stoves ETC... Our packs weighed 40 Lbs, and we loved it.

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OGE -- Thanks for agreeing with me! I'm not sure that's what you intended to do, but I appreciate it.


My problem was that I forgot the magic words in what I was trying to say -- leave no trace!


At least in that respect, a trailer is better than a bus.



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I'm looking for some first hand information you can share about trailers ie. good things or bad things about trailer ownership, mech. problems,maintenance,storage, accidents, theft and insurance -- how did your troop solve the issues -- It's a round table topic for next month, I'm hoping to learn from other troops experiences.

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Trailers are great...if you need one!

If you are a back packing only troop with LNT as your program, a small shed or closet should do...

But camping is not just about LNT... it should be a life time orientation to the outdoors with all the possibilities, 'cause down the road few 'family men" will be able to take the family on a fifty mile LNT trek... but if they love camping in all its forms they might be able to pass a version of it on..even to their girls (sorry not PC)....or er non-scouting boys.


If on the other hand you have base-camp oriented camporees to attend and like to travel long distances with dutch ovens and other 'experience enhancing' gear for weekend camps it can be the right step.

make sure you have a private home/lot to store it away from vandals etc. Do not Leave it in the lot of your CO unless it is fenced, lighted and patrolled well!

Not sure I agree with double axles...

Big ones have a problem with who hauls it...ie. big truck and skill. Smaller ones generally mean more potental haulers and if you get into a tight place you can unhook the smaller ones and move them by hand for short distances...some times needed due to operator error.

Two doorways can be a problem cause you have to be carful how you plan to "pack" and the door is wasted wall space if you are not careful with your planning...

Insurance -talk to your insurance carrier for the troop umbrella policy (you have one, right?)You may elect to "self insure" contents....

The thing acts as a good storage shed, too! for some events you might just roll up and off load what you need into cars or pick-ups.

QM makes sure nothing is put back wet...in fact at our campouts the wet tents go home with the scouts in the cars and trucks... to be dryed at home by the scouts who used them, before being returned at the next meeting (and then "checked-in" by the QM)


Tires- used trailers almost always have bent axles

so you will eat up a set of tires every few years.


Logos ask around some sign companies will cut you a good deal for stick on vinyl signage...one did for us with BSA logo troop number and town of our CO...both sides of the trailer...for free....with a little note at lower right of trailer side says "lettering by _____" It doesn't hurt to ask for 'help'.

Give several parents trailering lessons... worth the time and is fun! Cause, if you don't have 'haulers'... all you do have is a nice shed

on wheels.


last hint get some thick padding and secur it to the inside lip of the trailer doorway...unless the trailer is REALLY TALL or you and your scouts are all REALLY SHORT you will learn why I make this suggestion the first time you unload...(and many times there after).


I did like the 'requirement' for each family to have a monster truck to haul the trailer and color corrodinated paint to match the trailer...have to bring that up at the next committee meeting.


good luck!



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