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Coleman Drip Coffee Maker

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I do take my little French coffee press with me to camp. But it is little. I have been looking at the new Coleman Drip Coffee maker. It sells for a little under $40.00 and from looking at it. It seems to fit on top of a two burner stove.

Has anyone tried using one?


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Eamonn, We have two of the drip coffee makers.


The good news, they make good coffee. Just like what you drink at the office.


The bad news:

- They are very slow. It takes probably 10 minutes to get the first pot going. That's why we went back and bought a second.

- If you get them too hot, they can melt. I had to take the pocketknife to one of them to cut the basket loose. Trying to get it to brew faster and got carried away.

- They work best on coleman stoves. We usually just use the big camp chef stoves, and they don't work as well on them.

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We have one of the Coleman units. Just a little disappointing. It is terribly slow. Once the coffee is made, you have to turn off the heat. The filter basket kept overflowing with paper filters, so we use either the filter pouch coffee, or a permanent wire mesh filter. It was a novelty at first, but we found that the large blue speckel-ware pot with some coffee pouches thrown in works just as well and is usually quicker.

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we bought 'em, just as soon as they came out. dang ,they are slow. Watch Out!, you can melt 'em with too much heat! dont let them burn dry!


but know what? they make Great Camp Coffee! (goodbye to "GBTQMaster", we dont need no more stinkin' WB coffee)


kidding aside, we have found these a great product for the Old Goat Patrol, if used right.



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