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Kelty 50th Anniv frame - pros/cons

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Please forgive me for bumping my own message up to the active list.

Hasn't anyone used (or know anyone who has) Kelty's new-fangled frame??


I am buying a new pack and am intrigued, but am suspicious of the reviews from magazines when Kelty spends so much money on advertising.


Thanks!! -mike

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I dont know about this now frame but I have used, and loved all of my Kelty products. I have one of their Vortex 2 tents and it has lasted me the better part of six years of heavy scouting use. It started to wear holes in the floor about six months ago but that might be from my brother not using a ground cloth when he goes camping.


I also use and love my Kelty pack, It to has lasted about six years and is as good as new.


Florida Scout

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I just bought the Super Tioga 4900 for $99.95 on sale at sierratradingpost.com.


It arrived last week, so I tossed a 35 lb barbell in it and strapped it on.


I am 5'10", 220# (I could stand to lose a little weight I guess :-)

and fitting the pack, it seemed that it would easily fit a man six inches taller than I am. But don't get this one if you are smaller than 5'8".


Very comfy feel, I like the way it is made. This pack seems infinitely adjustable, and it seems that just nearly anyone could be fitted for this pack (within the minimum height mentioned already)


It is huge inside. I sat there and looked at it, wondering what I was going to fill up all that space with. Hmmmm...



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Thanks, hastingr!

I ended up finding one on sale, too. So far, so good.

Only downside I've seen: It wants to be full.

I had it out on a weekend backpacking trip with moderate temps, etc. The load was unstable because there was no way to cinch it all down. For more serious trips (the reason I bought it), this won't be a problem. I may experiment with some additional cinch-straps to pull it all tighter to frame when lightly loaded.


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